The J/22 is a hugely popular one-design class throughout the world.  This 22' keelboat is an ideal transition boat for youth sailors stepping out of dinghies and into boats with lead in their keels.  

Some of the features of the J/22s are:   
~ the boats are rigged with, jib sheet/halyard winches, a jib roller furler, adjustable sheet leads, adjustable backstay, mainsail reef points.  All these elements are miniaturized versions of aspects of all "big boats" and can help build integral seamanship skills 

~ The boats are rigged for symmetrical spinnakers, so our students can learn skills to effectively transition to sailing in the variety of one-design and PHRF boats that sail and race on weeknights in Newport.  (Shields, J/22, J/24, Ensign and others)  

~ These skills (learning the different positions on the boat) will be taught in a non-competitive environment 

We're confident that after a few lessons with our coaches and mentors, students will be able to sail the boats without the need for onboard instruction

C&C 30
With two C&C 30s this summer, the program will give even more opportunity for youths to get out on these exciting high-performance machines.  Greater emphasis will be placed on teamwork and learning the various roles, as this boat is often raced with eight sailors, each integral to the boat's performance.  
Students will learn to operate aspects of the boat like running backstays, mast tuning using hydraulic mast jacks, halyard locks, and two-speed winches and asymmetrical spinnaker handling.  With a large inventory of sails to choose from, students will learn the difference between the various headsails and learn to quickly change from one to another. 




Coastal Cruiser

Sailing auxiliary cruising boats reinforce the lessons learned on the J/22s.  Reefing, headsail changes, understanding marine systems, making a mooring, docking under power, rules of the road, anchoring and more.

On top of all of the sailing-specific teamwork and seamanship skills that boats of this category will invariably teach, students will learn an entirely new category of parts of the boats and systems.



Young sailors will also learn about: 

  • diesel engines
  • alternators/batteries
  • hydraulics
  • thru-hull fittings 
  • propane/refrigeration/galley systems
  • heads/holding tanks
  • navigational instruments 


For more information:
Nick Ewenson, Race Programs Manager

O 401.846.1983