Kim Hapgood

Program Director

Phone: 401-846-1983

Favorite sailing memory:

                Going sailing for the first time ever at age 4 with my Dad on a Sunfish, capsizing, unintentionally swallowing some water, getting hauled out and treated to the biggest ice cream sundae as a treat afterwards.  Now I expect to get ice cream after every sail…

 Favorite boat:

                Rumours – a Thompson 35 (and it was my favorite boat because of the team that raced her as much as the crazy sail area, and fast speeds the boat was capable of).

One item to bring around the world with me:

 This is a tough one – would bring one of my cats, Issac, but then the other two would be jealous, so maybe an iPad with lots of pictures of friends, family and my cats.

 What I am most looking forward to this summer:

                Annual Sail Newport Staff BBQ and Regatta – it’s all about the bragging rights and the SN Main Office is going to win this year!